Baby Porridge, 3 Cereals & Quinoa, 150g, 6+ months

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Baby Porridge - 3 Cereals and Quinoa 

The earthy and robust taste of our 3 Cereals and Quinoa Porridge is made out of a mix of organic rice flour, oat flour, quinoa flour and rye flour. It is loaded with protein, fibre, iron and magnesium, and with added B1 vitamins to help your baby grow, as part of a balanced diet . Our porridge has been especially formulated to nurture your baby’s palate and is very easy to digest. It is great served as a meal itself or mixed with your baby's favourite fruit puree.


  • Bio Rice Flour 50%
  • Bio Oat Flour 20%
  • Bio White Quinoa Flour 20%
  • Bio Rye Flour 10%
  • Thiamine (vitamin B1)

The Benefits:

  • Rice Flour: Healthy choice as a first food because it gives your baby the nutrients they need, particularly iron and zinc. It is easy to digest, gluten-free and is rarely known to cause any allergic reactions or sensitivities. 
  • Oat Flour: Oats are a good source of carbohydrates and fibre, including the powerful fibre beta-glucan. They are rich in antioxidants, very filling and are known to help relieve constipation. Oats are among the most nutrient-dense foods you can eat, and therefore a great food to give to your baby to ensure their little stomachs are filled with good calories. 
  • White Quinoa Flour: Rich in fibre, minerals such as iron and magnesium, antioxidants and all nine essential amino acids, quinoa is one of the healthiest and most nutritious foods available, so a good choice to give to your baby to help them grow. 
  • Rye Flour: Being rich in vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients rye offers a lot of health benefits for your baby; stronger bone development, maintaining healthy blood circulation, aiding in digestion, ensuring a clean gut, reduces the chances of constipation and aids in the formation of red blood cells. Rye is also very rich in manganese along with phosphorus, copper, pantothenic acid (B5), and magnesium. 
  • Vitamin B1: Vitamin B1, also known as thiamine, enables the body to use carbohydrates as energy. It is essential for glucose metabolism, and it plays a key role in nerve, muscle, and heart function. Vitamin B1 is a water-soluble vitamin, as are all vitamins of the B complex. Babies need a continuous supply of vitamin B1, because it is not stored in the body so should be part of your baby’s daily diet.
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