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Living an Organic Lifestyle

At petit zèbre & friends, we are passionate about all things organic for babies and toddlers (and adults too of course!). But, what makes things organic? Essentially, it is how close to their natural state something can stay. So, when growing organic goods, farmers do not use synthetic pesticides or fertilizers on crops, and they reject the use of synthetic hormones, antibiotics or other medications in their livestock.

Choosing fresh, organic foods not only helps people feel better, but this choice is an important step to preserve the environment - by not spraying pesticides, farms support the local ecosystems by allowing them to flourish.

Buying organic food is actually a vote for good health and a brighter future of our planet. People choosing organic food may do it because they want to show support for farmers, some do it because of the environment, others are concerned about biodiversity, but we, as people - as parents to the future generations - are also worried about our own bodies being exposed to pesticides, hormones, and other harmful substances in the food we eat every day.

Organic foods have more vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and other nutrients than commercial food because the soil used to grow them is nourished with sustainable and responsible practices. Check out the table below to believe it yourself! This is why petit zèbre & friends prides ourselves on using only European organic certified suppliers, as we want only the best ingredients for you and your little ones.

But an organic lifestyle does not stop here. petit zèbre & friends also have its own range of green eco-friendly laundry detergents and softeners, which are better for the environment as they are free from harsh chemicals that cause allergic reactions, non-toxic, natural and are actually much better for your clothes as well. The most important part is, they rinse clean without residue and will not cause any negative effect on an animal’s natural habitat, as they are totally biodegradable.

Always choose organic.
Always choose petit zèbre & friends.

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