Our Farms

Visiting our organic farms and learning from our team of nutritional experts is an integral part of petit zèbre & friends' values. We do this regularly in order to create the best and most healthy, delicious products for you and your little ones.

Organic European Agriculture

100% Organic Quality

petit zèbre & friends products:

  • are from specially selected 100% organic certified farms 
  • originate from Europe – we only use the best suppliers
  • meet the European Union organic baby food standard – the highest standard in the world.

Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

petit zèbre & friends products:

  • do not contain any added sugars – they are from naturally occurring sugars found in fruits
  • only use fruits and vegetables that were picked at their juiciest and ripest moments

Flavoursome & Delicious

Once blended at the optimum temperature, our flavoursome purees are transferred into the pouches without coming into contact with air. They are cleverly hermetically sealed to make sure they’re safe from bacteria and germs. All our pouches have a special 3-layer construction to make sure that no oxygen can get in, which means our baby food pouches always taste fresh.

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