Baby Bircher Müesli 125g / 6 pack
Baby Bircher Müesli 125g / 6 pack

Baby Bircher Müesli 125g / 6 pack

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This recipe of Bircher Müesli is ideal for introducing new textures and flavours. Yoghurt, known for its conveying proteins and its smooth texture, makes a fun meal for a growing baby. This gently formulated blend is naturally preserved in a convenient, resealable jar.

Yoghurt is a fermented milk product. The fermentation occurs by the bacterial action, which is good for the digestive system and protects us from disease-causing bacteria. Fruits for the vitamin C intake. Oatmeal for the vitamin B intake.

Nutritional Values: Brain Development

Yoghurt is rich in calcium, protein and has probiotics that help regulate the digestive system. Before the age of two is a critical period of brain development. It is essential in this period to ensure the adequate supply of energy to promote a good development.  However, before eight months, due to the intestinal flora not being stable, your baby will not be able to digest it.

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